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At Babes in the Wood Creche we aim to incorporate as many new experiences as possible for the youngest. We work to Aistear which is the framework for Early Childhood Curriculum and also Siolta which is the Quality Framework.


The staff aim to bring early science, maths, music, manual and pre-writing skills, to the children in our creche. We also encourage children to be active and independent where possible. Ultimately we encourage the children to explore their environment through emergent curriculum.


Each learning, play and activity in the setting have plenty of equipment and materials for the child.


We make every effort to ensure that children’s need for rest, quiet time and privacy is always respected.




At Babes In The Wood we offer breakfast, fruit and a hot dinner which is catered for us. These meals are prepared to a high standard and have been developed especially for young children with the goal to deliver meals that are wholesome and full of nutrients.


Dishes are prepared to suit individual dietary requirements and specific food choices. For more information click here

We also operate to a Healthy Eating policy; we do not offer the children sweets, chocolate etc and all our meals are served with vegetables.


For the children's snacks we encourage healthy eating and healthy choices. We believe that it is very important to instill in children healthy eating habits as early as possible.


Child Records:

Babes in the Wood Creche is using Child Diary web based records management programme.


ChildDiary replaces the existing daily paper records by digital records that are always accessible by both staff and parents. 


Each child have a private profile and individual portfolio containing daily records, educational observations and a digital timeline of all child's activities.


Parents have unlimited access to their children's private profile and are notified for every daily record and post.

All child records are maintained and safely kept in accordance with Tusla's regulations in relation to Child Records Management.





Babes in the Wood Creche

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